Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Dear Confusion

Oh Dear Confusion
How I love your wily ways
You serenade me with your haunting melodies
And entrance me with your graceful movements
Until I'm so deep in your waters
That I don't even realize it
I lash out at my surroundings
Hoping to regain my sense of balance
But I'm cursed to float aimlessly
In this sea
Of turmoil
Until I lose my breath
And I am overcome.


Snaps, anyone? Snaps for Colton?

(Sorry Charlie! Sometimes, when you're awake at 3:30, ((Who does that, by the way?!? 3:30? Am I mentally insane?? This blog would have me believe that I am...)) you get hit by inspiration. It was almost as real as a sack of cinder blocks. Except that if it was, I'd probably be unconscious on the floor of my room right now ((Who would even be able to lift that? A sack of cinder blocks? Really? Maybe I am insane...)) with severe bruising, and maybe even a broken bone or two... Anywho, I started adding on more to that poem, but it began to feel... Manufactured. It wasn't as real when I started trying to perfect it. ((Pronounced per - 'FECT. I wasn't trying to perfect it. Wow. That made next to no sense... GOOD.)) I decided to leave it rather raw, and written more or less the way I jotted it down the first time. I was going to add one more line, and punctuation, and...)

Wait. I just realized. You, the reader, don't care. At all. My sincerest apologies. If you read this far... Look at the side bar. See where it says "Knights of the Insane Table"? Yeah. You deserve to be right there. Because you're insane. And you just read my rant. And it wasn't even addressed to you. Good job. Click the link that says "Follow this blog" and become one of us. Conform. All your friends are doing it.



Anonymous said... mm colton? or charlie? funny funny funny...

AgentDrake said...

I thought he was Quincy....

Good stuff, guys. Keep it coming.

Random topic that entered my head: what kind of pie do you guys like? Cherry? Apple? Rokeg-blood?

Charlie said...

mm would be charlie. yeah, that'd be me.

and as for pie, we'll have to "cook-up" a post about that...

Anonymous said...

conform eh? exactly the opposite. By joining the ranks of the knights of the insane table you are actually dis-conforming. Breaking the ranks of brainless masses who take sanity as a value to be pursued, cherished and cultivated.

We are not so.

Charlie said...

that's right, long live Insanity

"we pledge allegiance to Queen Frag and her mighty state of hysteria."

Anonymous said...

You snagged that line from Calvin and Hobbes, didn't you? You are hereby sent to the principal's office.


Anonymous said...

Note to Colton: I did read your entire post, and I did not conform to your blog. I am insane.
HOWEVER, I cannot become one of you for certain problematic facts that I am not inclined to list here. No, I shall be a Knight of Insanity in secret. I shall post comments at will, and that is all for now.

-Nemo :)