Friday, December 5, 2008

Hey, guys we will probably get geared up in our normal posting schedule next week, so for now, we'll just post random stuff, and welcome the new Knights of the Insane Table (followers of the blog.) and we encourage you to spread the word to your friends and family, and people you randomly pass on the street. and today, i just want to leave this exerpt from dave barry that i stumbled upon.

Dave Barry-

"Probably the ultimate example of the fundamental guy drive to have neat stuff is the Space Shuttle. Granted, the guys in charge of this pro­gram claim it has a Higher Scientific Purpose, namely to see how humans function in space. But of course we have known for years how humans function in space: They float around and say things like: "Looks real good, Houston!"

No, the real reason for the existence of the Space Shuttle is that it is one humongous and spectacularly gizmo-intensive item of hardware. Guys can tinker with it practically forever, and occasionally even get it to work, and use it to place other complex mechanical items into orbit, where they almost immediately break, which provides a great excuse to send the Space Shuttle up again. It's Guy Heaven.

Other results of the guy need to have stuff are Star Wars, the rec­reational boating industry, monorails, nuclear weapons, and wristwatches that indicate the phase of the moon. I am not saying that women haven't been involved in the development or use of this stuff. I'm saying that, without guys, this stuff probably would not exist; just as, without women, virtually every piece of furniture in the world would still be in its original position. Guys do not have a basic need to rearrange furniture. Whereas a woman who could cheerfully use the same computer for fifty-three years will rearrange her furniture on almost a weekly basis, sometimes in the dead of night. She'll be sound asleep in bed, and suddenly, at 2 A.M., she'll be awakened by the urgent thought: The blue-green sofa needs to go perpendicular to the wall instead of parallel, and it needs to go there RIGHT NOW. SO she'll get up and move it, which of course necessitates moving other furniture, and soon she has rearranged her entire living room, shift­ing great big heavy pieces that ordinarily would require several burly men to lift, because there are few forces in Nature more powerful than a woman who needs to rearrange furniture."

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Anonymous said...

Dave Barry is very perceptive. :)